Wireless and Optoelectronics Research and Innovation Centre (WORIC)

About the Wireless and Optoelectronics Research and Innovation Centre (WORIC)

Our team combines expertise in the Optoelectronics and Wireless Communication fields. WORIC has excellent research facilities and consists of ten staff members, seven PhD students and three external associate members.

MSc Courses

WORIC has just established a brand new MSc in Optoelectronics. This innovative course, which includes a 6 months internship, will give you the cutting-edge technical expertise in optoelectronics technologies and provides vital career-enhancing exposure to the UK industry.

WORIC is also in involved in other postgraduate courses including MSc Mobile and Satellite Communications, MSc Embedded Systems Design and MSc Electronics and Information Technology.

Industry partnerships and collaborations

We have established strong links with leading research institutes such as The National Physical Laboratory and major companies such as EADS, Renishaw, Digital Projection, Karl Storz, Cymtec, Optos, Chromogenex, Sub10 Systems, Keima Wireless, RF Micro Devices, Lomox, Militec, Smartscan and Teer Coatings.

We have collaborated with various universities such as University of Southampton, UCL, Cardiff University, City University London and University of Manchester.

Over £4million worth of grants have been awarded and 40 patents as a result of these collaborations.

More information

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