Optoelectronics and RF facilities

The optoelectronics and RF facilities are composed of two optoelectronics laboratories and two RF equipped with £1million worth of experimental equipments and modelling facilities. A selection of the equipments are list bellow:

  • The Innova® Sabre® MotoFreD™ ion laser
  • Newfocus TLM-8700 fast sweep tunable laser source
  • Agilent 8164B Lightwave Measurement System
  • RENISHAW ML-10 Measurement Systems
  • Beam profilers: Thorlabs BC106-VISCCD Camera Beam Profiler, Thorlabs BP109-IR – Beam Profiler
  • Scanning Fabry-Perot Spectrum Analyzer. e.g. Thorlabs SA200-5B, Coherence 0464H08
  • Anritsu MS9710B Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Ocean Optics spectrometers. e.g. HR4000 and USB4000
  • Edwards E306A Coating System Thermal Vacuum Evaporator
  • SCS G3-8 Spin Coater
  • ZEPTO laboratory plasma cleaner ZEPTO
  • National Instruments FPGA and Digitizer
  • Signal generator: TG210 2MhZ function Generator
  • Oscilloscopes: HP infinium Oscilloscope, HM507 Combiscope
  • Anechoic Chamber suitable for frequencies above 1 GHz.
  • Various measurement systems for 2, 10, 20, 40, & 60 GHz links
  • VubiQ 60 GHz development kits
  • Three 60 GHz Backhaul links (Sub10 Systems)
  • Antenna radiation patterns measurement system
  • Two equipped vans for outdoor measurements
  • Programmable or Reconfigurable Platform (DSPs, FPGAs, GPPs)

The modelling facilities include high performance computing facilities (e.g. a 24-core cluster) equipped with various optoelectronic and EM modelling packages such as FDTD solutions, Zemax, FEKO, VPI Photonics suites. We also in-house novel RF Ray-tracing and Physical Optics EM planning tools developed by members of WORIC.

Supporting research

The optoelectronics and RF facilities have supported high quality research in various research fields such as

  • Lasers, e.g. Pivot-point-independent mode-hop-free tunable laser
  • Metrology, e.g. Position sensing light curtain, Accurate simultaneous 3D-coordinate measurement of multiple objects.
  • Energy, e.g. Efficient Organic LED for lighting
  • Biphotonics, e.g. Fat reduction using low-level light
  • Telecommunication, e.g. High speed UAV communications, All optical Wavelength Conversion
  • Metamaterial and Plasmonics, e.g. Coherence thermal light source
  • Measurements of radiowave propagation on fixed and mobile terrestrial and satellite paths at frequencies above 1 GHz.
  • Development of simplified and accurate prediction models required for the planning, design and installation of current and future radio systems.
  • Investigation of the mutual interactive effects between mobile handsets and their human operators.
  • Design and evaluation of novel antenna systems for third generation mobile handsets.
  • Design of economical fade countermeasure schemes for mitigating the impact of propagation degradation on high capacity digital radio systems.
  • Fundamental studies of the effects of atmospheric refractivity, hydrometers, and terrain features on radiowave propagation.
  • Design and development of next generation WLAN personal and mobile radio systems
  • Performance evaluation and modelling of broadband digitally modulated WLAN and mobile radio systems.
  • Measurements and modelling of transmission and reflectivity properties of building materials.
  • Davis Vantage Weather Station used for weather and RF correlation analysis. * Click on Weather Station for current weather information.

These research works have attracted more than £4 million funding from EPSRC, A4B, TSC, KTP programmes.