WORIC awarded £85k A4B funding

December 6, 2013

£86k (grant holder Zaid AlDaher) A4B Proof of Concept funding to work with industry to develop and commercialise a novel mobile network planning tool for 4G and Smart Cities applications.

The innovative solution developed by Dr Zaid Al-Daher targets a critical need in mobile and wireless broadband network design and planning. The project brings together leading specialists in planning solutions for mobile and wireless broadband network design and wireless broadband communications, supporting the University’s vision to provide research-informed innovation and business engagement.

The total value of the project is just above half a million with £86k of this is funded by A4B to recruit two RAs (Radio Planner and a Software Engineer), the rest is contributions in kind from the industry and the councils. The two RAs will be part of WORIC.

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