Dr. David Scammell

Name: David Scammell
Department: Faculty of Advanced Technology
Job Title: Senior Lecturer
Telephone: 01443 482528
e-mail: dscammel@glam.ac.uk
Room: J414
Qualifications: BSc (HONS), MSc, PhD

Main Teaching Areas:

Embedded systems and Computer Programming

Main Research Areas:

Radiowave Propagation in the 60GHz frequency bands.

Current Research Activity:

Performance evaluation and modeling of digitally broadband mobile and personal communication systems

Journals Selected Publications:

  • D Scammell, and A Hammoudeh, “Estimating Channel Performance for Time Invariant Channels”, IEE Electronics Letters, Vol. 40, No. 12, June 2004.
  • A Hammoudeh, D Scammell, “Frequency Domain Characterisation of Indoor Wireless LAN Mobile Radio Channel Employing Frequency and Polarisation Diversity in the 63.4GHz-65.4GHz Band”, IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology, vol. 53, No. 4, July 2004.
  • D Scammell, a Hammoudeh and M Sanchez, “Estimating Channel Performance for Time Invariant Channels”, Electronic Letters, vol. 40, No. 12, June 2004.
  • A Hammoudeh, D Scammell and M Sanchez, “Measurements and Analysis of the Indoor Wideband Millietre Wave Wireless Radio Channel and Frequency Diversity Characterisation”, IEEE Transaction on Antennas and Propagation, vol. 51, no. 10, October 2003.


  • A Hammoudeh, and D Scammell, “Effect of receive antenna directivity on RMS delay spread and coherence bandwidth for indoor millimetre wave mobile radio channels”, European Personal and Mobile Communication Conference, EPMCC’03, April 2002, Glasgow-UK.
  • D Scammell and A Hammoudeh, “Measurements and Characterisation of RMS Delay Spread and Coherence Bandwidth in Indoor Radio Channels at Millimetre Waves”, IEEE PHFC, London-UK, September 2002
  • David Scammell, Akram Hammoudeh and Manuel García Sánchez, “Characterisation of 62.4GHz radiowave propagation through a single tree using wideband measurements”“ 11th Int. Conf. Antennas and Propagation ICAP’11, April 2001.