Sub10 Collaboration

WORIC actively pursues research studies on microwave and mm-wave propagation problems in both mobile and fixed point-to-point wireless systems.

A long-term collaboration project has been set-up between Sub10, a leading MM-Wave wireless radio manufacture and the WORIC.

The collaboration stems from the mutual ongoing mm-wave research and developments carried out by both parties. The main objectives addresses propagation and radio technology development studies in correlations with weather affects for reliable, high-speed short links approaching the gigabit per second data rates. Applications of such radios include: wireless Ethernet bridges, Mobile backhauls, Fiber optic line replacement and LAN extensions.

In the first round of the long-term project, Sub10 has kindly donated more than £60k worth of high-speed radio equipments. These have now been installed in varies outdoor locations around Trefforest and Glyntaff campuses. The long-term data collected and studies carried out in relation to these links will be of high value to further mm-wave radio developments and link modelling. For more details, please contact Dr. Zaid Al-Daher, Dr. Akram Hammoudeh, or Prof. Nigel Copner.